Sarah Borg

Commissioned Gripsholm Liner leaving New York.  150cm x 1.10cm Hanging in the Foyer of Hotel Kristina Drottning, central Stockholm.


A fun poem for children helping them empathize with the ocean's creatures

"We Are The Ocean" is a children's book which also engages adults who understand the importance of educating children in all things environmental.  It teaches them about the continuous circulation of water, it's personal connection to themselves and to the animals and plants that share our planet.  To know the water they drink today was once in the bodies of dinosaurs is both wondrous and true.  With this knowledge hopefully they will go forward committed to looking after the oceans which in turn looks after the land.

Alexander and Willow on his Birthday Lockdown 2020.

commissioned large 2.40cm x 1.90cm Swedish Frigates at sea.

 Foreword We Are the Ocean spread (3) 

Commissioned Portrait

Day at the races.

Beach scene on a blustery day. 

The Conversation

oil..38cm x 46cm

Rotherwood Gazelle.

oil ..90cm x 70cm.


"Oldenburg".  2m x 1.80 large canvas.

Commissioned and hanging in a Swedish Country house.




 50cm x 65cm.

Commotion in the Ocean

Gracie  NFS

​ Children's Book Author/Illustrator.

​Large oil canvasses.

Self portrait with Nude

Portraits  (also see menu)

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Author Illustrator Sarah Borg

Cafe du Paris.    

​oil. 45cm x 55cm.   

Daymer Bay Cornwall.

Alexander and Willow. Lockdown 2020.


All paintings Artist's copyright

Daisy in Lace


Mr Plum

Portrait of three brothers in 1993.


oil. 56cm x 65cm

The Start.   200cm  x 189 cm



There's a monster above a giant metal bully

That hooovers the oceans with a winch and a pulley

Commissioned to enlarge a copy of Jacob Hägg's Dutch barge in the English Channel....circa 1900.  1.50cm x 1.00cm

The Michelburgh Family Mythologies

Please see Portrait page for the full story!

Soon others arrived and nodded their heads

They knew they weren't safe at night in their beds

Soon the chattering spread, as it quickly does

And meetings sprung up. It was quite the buzz!

Thoroughbred.  Commissioned and hanging in the entrance to Hotel Drottning Kristina, Stockholm. 200cm x 180cm

They gathered their friends and swam to the islands

Where small fishing boats were tied up to tall pylons

The people complained there's no fish in the sea

And the whales and dolphins said Yes we agree!

"Sahara" Commission Stockholm

Pinkle and Puffin

oil. 55cm x 46cm

Another large commissioned painting hanging in A Country House.150cm x 180cm

Commission. Becky walking Rocky, Luna and the cats.  South of France.

Horse Portraits

Wiermaraner commission Stockholm.